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Team Radsport on Paketa Tandems at Masters Nationals

September 13, 2013
Team Radsport cleans up nationals with lot's of medals on Paketa Tandems

Team Radsport cleans up nationals with lot’s of medals on Paketa Tandems

Congratulations to team Radsport of Pinnaclife Racing Team. They scored again with 4 National Championship Gold medals, 2 Silver Medals, 6 Bronze medals and 4 4th place medals at Masters Nationals this year. All of these medals were won on Paketa V2 and V2r Magnesium Tandems.


World’s lightest travel tandem – 22.5lb Paketa D2r

March 4, 2013

Our newest tandem to grace the performance tandem community is a very remarkeable bike. At 22.5lbs with two custom S&S couplings, no other travel bike can compare. Our two-coupling tandems fit into a single bike case for easy travel. The two-coupling version also helps for those who need to carry their tandem on a rear mounted vehicle rack. Read below for features of the D2r and photos.
·         Right-side timing has up to 70% lower boom-tube flex than other tandem designs
o   Higher performance, lower weight
o   Sleek design with conventional parts
·         World’s lightest travel tandem at under 22.5 lbs. as shown
·         Custom low-profile titanium S&S couplings
o   Designed by S&S and Paketa engineers
o   Unique features for frame assembly and stress-relief; designed for longevity
·         Durable Ceramikoat (TM) ceramic coating
o   Mohs hardness of 9 (diamond=10)
o   More flexible than Mg: won’t chip
o   Superior corrosion protection
o   Perfect for a travel bike
·         Compact crank adapter with belt drive
o   Retains right-hand-side-timing advantages
o Touring gearing–as low as 25” (0.97:1) gear ratio
o   Compatible with Gates’ CDC and CDX/CenterTrack sprocket designs
Packs into Biknd case;  44 lbs. total weight
o  Allows packing accessories in the same case while still staying under 50 lb. airline limit


Paketa is at NAHBS – Booth #133

March 2, 2012

If you are at NAHBS, please stop by our booth. We look forward to seeing you. Our booth number is 133.

Thank you for your continued interest in Paketa. We are proud to be presenting some very unique and beautiful bikes at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show that is this weekend in Sacramento. So if you are at the show, be sure to stop by our booth and see these awesome bikes. There are some attached photos of a couple of the bikes we’ll be displaying. The first is a custom V2r magnesium tandem with our new 44/44 headtube and Ultegra Di2 that makes the V2r the most versatile racing tandem in the world, and still the lightest. With the new head tube design, riders can use a fork with a tapered steer tube, or use a straight steerer fork and a fully inset headset. It is also compatible with the cane creek rake adjustable headset giving Paketa Tandem riders the flexibility to make their bike more stable or quicker to handle. You can fine tune it for each race, ride, or rider style. The next bike shown is the WAC Corporal custom magnesium mountain bike, and this one features the new Double WAC system, which is a double belt drive. It gives singlespeeders who use a belt drive two speeds for better versatility on various trail types.

paketa wac corporal magnesium mountain bike double belt drive

paketa v2r magnesium racing tandem bicycle

paketa wac corporal mountain bike with double belt drive

paketa tapered headtube

double wac double belt drive system

paketa v2r magnesium tandem at NAHBS

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