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Team Radsport on Paketa Tandems at Masters Nationals

September 13, 2013
Team Radsport cleans up nationals with lot's of medals on Paketa Tandems

Team Radsport cleans up nationals with lot’s of medals on Paketa Tandems

Congratulations to team Radsport of Pinnaclife Racing Team. They scored again with 4 National Championship Gold medals, 2 Silver Medals, 6 Bronze medals and 4 4th place medals at Masters Nationals this year. All of these medals were won on Paketa V2 and V2r Magnesium Tandems.


Team Radsport/pinnacliffe wins the CA state championships…again

June 7, 2011

California State Championship Road Race
The team went out with a plan to bring the race down to sprint finish.  Gary, Bruce, Kenny and Dave were out to make this one count.  The race was very difficult, with lots of pot-holes, cows in the road, and riders going into the dirt and pavement…….It was very exciting to say the least.  Gary and Bruce made the first group over the climb and Dave and Kenny soon joined, getting the team back together before the long loop back into town.  The team did a great job of covering breaks, with Gary jumping on anything that moved.  Kenny and Bruce also worked the front making sure nothing went up the road.  Several very hard attacks all came back together, and the team moved to the front for the last two miles.  Gary set the pace at the front, keeping anybodies thought of attacking neutralized.  Kenny paced Dave up into position for the finishing straight.  Gary then ramped it up the final climb, causing the field to stretch out.  Kenny brought Dave up the right side into the front 4 riders, and Bruce took over placing him in the top 2 with 1K to go.  Dave made the right move to get onto the fastest wheel, and sprinted around him with 150 meters to go.  Dave gets clear wheels across the finish with no one even close!  Pinnaclife takes the win!!    I love it when a plan comes together.

This was teamwork at it’s best.  This ones for everyone!

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Team Radsport update: Season going well so far.

February 7, 2011

Mothballs Criterium

The team gets its first rain race of 2011 in Santa Barbara for the Mothballs Criterium. Gary Wall, Steve G, and Mark Palmer take control of the race early. The rain pours down as Gary attacks over and over. All the breaks are covered and Mark takes his shot at the front. The last lap is fast with Gary leading the pace, Steve G. comes out of the last corner first and powers in for second. Great result on a wet coarse!

Red Trolley Criterium

The team is out in force with Gary, Steve G. Steve M, Mark, Kenny and Dave P showing up on the line. Gary goes to work early making several attacks stick. They are brought back and Steve takes a shot at the group. His attack sticks with Gary and Mark in the break. The break gets too big and is brought back. Steve G. gets in another break with Dave and Gary later but it’s brought back. It sets up to be a field sprint and Steve powers up the last hill into 6th place. Nice finish in this very tough race.

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