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New Paketa Scud for Di2 and tapered steer tube

November 13, 2012

Here is a little sneak peak of our new custom Paketa Scud magnesium road bike frame with internal routing for Di2 and Hydraulic road disc brakes. This bike is built with our incredibly versatile 44/44 mm headtube, which allows the use of 1.5″ and 1.25″ tapered steer tubes or internally mounted headset cups. Adjustable rake headsets are also a possibility. With all of these updated features, the ride quality and lightness of the magnesium frame, and custom geometry; there is really no bike out there that competes with the new Scud from Paketa. You can visit us at NAHBS, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in February to see this bike in person. We will also post photos of the bike once we get it built up. It should look pretty slick with the Enve carbon fork with matching finish.

paketa scud custom magnesium road bicycle frame


A Letter from James Brown – bronze medal Paralympics

October 1, 2012

Here is a letter we received from James Brown, a Paketa tandem owner who won the Bronze medal in the 2012 Paralympics on a Paketa V2r magnesium tandem bicycle.

” Dear Jp and Nick,

We got bronze in the road time trial – on the Paketa V2r tandem!  We were delighted and we shocked many with our stunning performance – I genuinely believe a large part of the success was the bike.  I attach a couple of photos.  We totally trashed the Americans who had been expecting a medal – but the standard was exceptionally high.

So, can you do me a track bike next?  We failed to get a medal in the pursuit because the bike they gave us was not fit-for-purpose (in fact it was sh*t!); I think a Paketa tandem track bike would be just what we need!



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Double WAC in action

March 26, 2012

I got a chance to ride the new Double WAC the other day, and had a great time. I haven’t done a lot of single-speed riding, and this bike got me excited to do more. I always found that I liked the simplicity training aspect of single-speeding, but I didn’t like the fact that the gear was never quite right. Or almost never. I like to be able to pedal a little bit going downhill sometimes, and every single speed setup I’ve tried was geared too low for downhills of even low grades. They were all geared okay for decent climbing. Or the gearing may be good on the trail, but not good for the road from house to trail. The Double WAC helps to make single-speeding a little more practical for the types of trails in this area. We often have long climbs followed by long downhills.The Double WAC setup is basically a double/double belt drive. There are two sprockets on the front and back with different sizes. The sprocket sizes have to, of course, be chosen carefully since the belt cannot change lengths. This makes it possible to have two different gear ratios with the same length belt, which means an uphill gear and a down hill gear. You just have to pop the wheel out of the dropouts, switch the belt onto the other sprocket on the front and rear, and re-clamp the wheel into place. It’s obviously not something you would plan on doing a lot, but if you have a long downhill, or a long flat road ride to get to the trail, it’s definitely worth switching it into the higher gear.

double WAC - double double belt drive

Apart from the gearing, the WAC Corporal 29er was great to ride. I know I’m biased,  but the shock absorbing qualities of the frame always surprise me when I get on a Paketa magnesium bike. It always feels smoother than I expect. This bike is also really stiff and responsive, and the geometry is great. I feel right at home on this bike, which is a size large. Paketa has great stock geometries, and JP can do each frame custom to the rider.

Installing the belt is super easy, and the connection that JP makes to break the rear triangle apart for belt installation is simple, clean, and functional. The frame separates at the dropout where bolts would already exist for the standard sliding dropout installation. It’s super strong, and it adds absolutely no weight or potential failure points to the frame. The video explains a little more on the belt installation.

Paketa is also now offering a straight 44 mm head tube on all bikes. This mountain bike uses a 1.5″ tapered steerer fork for better fork stiffness. The bigger headtube adds stiffness and durability to the frame as well, and it makes the bike track and steer very precisely. The upper headset cup is inset into the headtube, and the lower bearing is external. If you use an 1 1/8″ steer tube, you can use a fully inset headset. Click here to check out more information on the WAC Corporal custom mountain bike.

paketa 44mm headtube

Gearing information for the bike in these photos: (all Gates CenterTrack):
Low gear: 39T front/30T rear; 1.3:1 ratio (37.7 gear inches)
High gear: 46T front/22T rear; 2.3:1 ratio (66.7 gear inches)



Dave and Fritz and the Paketa

December 10, 2011

Dave and Fritz and the Paketa

Dave and Fritz hold a Tandem National Championship and 8 Tandem CA State Championships. Dave and Fritz have been racing together for over 6 years and not only hold a National Tandem Championship, be they each hold an individual California Road Race Championship in thier respective age groups, 50+ and 65+. Look closely and you’ll see Dave and Fritz have set up thier V2 with a same side drive/timiming system. The V2 performs better than other Tandems this team has raced. It corners like a single bike and sprints stright under the stress of these two guys.


Brother and Sister win the Mixed Tandem Nationals together

September 30, 2011

After two years of planning, some practice racing and training, and the good will of Paketa and wheel sponsors (Dave, Terry, Ella, Jeanne), and help from Bill S., Paul, and Len, the brother and sister team (Steve Worley and Beth Graff) arrived in Bend OR for the National Championship mixed tandem competition. Beth started the day with an ITT then after a short rest was back at the starting line for round two. Seven teams entered, mostly couples, making us odd since we are from Washington and Colorado. No one knew what to think!

paketa racing tandem wins racesThe race route began with a 7 mile climb, mostly big chain ring (56), but also some middle ring(44) efforts were needed. Wow, I thought the torture would never end. We were making progress relative to the teams in front of us, but when we turned for the return downhill run it was full gas – and really fun. The bike was a rocket, paketa = rocket in Russian, and we passed two teams on the decent. We were absolutely flying in the 56×11 – eyes watering and the wheels singing at 45-50 mph. The race was 2/3 done when we finally slowed for a turn into a golf community. This part was rolling and twisting terrain – not the best for a “big bike”. All the roundabouts, punchy hills, and downhill turns were negotiated with caution – did not really care for a pine forest or sage brush adventure to liven thing up. We pushed absolutely as hard as we could to stop the clock at the end. As we cooled down we speculated we should be in the top 3. And we about fell over when our friends (Lee and Corlet) informed us we won by 9 seconds and 3rd place it turns out was 19 seconds behind that. What a deal – a brother and sister win the 2011 Mixed Tandem 110+ Nationals together!!

paketa magnesium racing tandem bicycle

The biggest compliment came from second place team, who was chasing us the whole ride, and were the defending Champions (two ex-cateogory one riders) – when they said they “just could not close any distance anywhere” – that is sweet!

paketa magnesium racing tandem beth and steve worley win the race


Team Radsport Update

September 16, 2011

To all,

Pinnaclife Racing Team takes three Silver Medals in the U.S. National Cycling Championships. Darrin and Jason take the Silver Medal in the 70+ Tandem TT by setting a fast time on the mountainous Time Trial coarse. Fritz and Dave also take Silver in the Elite Championship Tandem TT on the same very difficult terrain.

Two days later Dave and Fritz win the field Sprint in a demonstration of speed and take the Silver medal in the Tandem 54 mile Road Race.

Thanks to all those sponsors and team members who have supported this team throughout this season! One more race to go, next weekend.

Thanks again,


Team Radsport Update – June 2nd 2011

June 2, 2011

Lake Los Angeles California State Championship Time Trials
The Team sent 5 tandems to the desert yesterday to battle 20 mph winds and bring home the hardware. The conditions ended up being very fast with downwind speeds of over 35mph!! Dave and Fritz deliver the goods with a win in the 110+ with a time of 50:03. Kenny and Ian power the tandem to deliver a 70+ Gold Medal in a time of 52:56. Gary’s Tandem lays down the fastest time on the team in the 90+ with a time of 47:49, to take the silver medal. Wayne (Dog) and Darrin kill the coarse and go 52:58 for silver in the Men’s Open. Bruce and Sue propel the tandem in the 90+ Mixed for a great time of 53:09.

Ernie takes Bronze in the Cat 5 race and Jim takes 16th in the very fast 45+.

Great work everyone!

Barry Wolfe Criterium
The team shows up in force to race this classic downtown criterium. It’s a bit wet at the beginning, but the sun comes out to dry the coarse. The team puts several attacks out there and nothing sticks until the last 6 laps. Jay gets into the break with two riders from another team, who try and work him over in the last lap. Kenny goes to the from of the peloton to keep the pace high enough to prevent others from coming up, but slow enough to not bring the break back. Gary takes over after Kenny pulls off, and was starting to pull the break back…. (It turns out that one of the other riders in the break got away and Jay was left to do the work to bring him back) Jay doesn’t want to take the other rider to the line for second, so they both slowed. Now the race is really on, so the team has to get Steve to the line. Gary powers up the the headwind section and Dave takes his turn to get Steve to the finish. Steve G. rockets around Dave at the final turn and almost gets the win! It was just inches. Steve Gets Second overall. Nice team guys!

The second race has about the same feel, with many attacks going but nothing stick until 8 laps to go. This time Steve G. gets into the break, with two others guys. Kenny, Gary, Jay and Dave control the feild, making sure nothing goes across. Steve makes a great move and gets 3rd place overall. Nice job.

Dominguez Hills Criterium
The team is ready to rock, on this third day in a row of racing. Bruce, Dave H, Gary, Steve G., Steve M, Paul, Kenny, Mark, Jay and Dave P. were controlling the race from the first lap. The other teams tried to make several breaks, but the Pinnaclife team brought them back. Gary takes a shot at a break but gets brought back. Steve G. goes on the attack and wins a prime. Jay takes his shot at a break and they bring him back. Mark makes an attack and the field closes in also. The other teams try and send riders up the road solo, but Jay brings several back all by himself. Bruce takes a shot and gets away, and then they bring that back……It’s looking like nothing will work. A rider attacks with 15 minutes to go and Dave makes it across. Three others join and the break moves away. The team goes to the front to control the field, and the break makes more ground. Dave P. gets a jump on the final straight, but takes 4th place overall. The team has Bruce leading out the Pinnaclife Train, with Dave H. taking the next pull. Kenny sets up the final lead out lap, with Gary taking over after Kenny pulls off. Then Jay takes over to power up the final climb and launches Steve G. into the final turn. Steve G. wins the field sprint! Steve G. gets 6th overall and Steve M. gets 10th.
Nice teamwork guys!

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