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Pinnacliffe Racing wins again 4/25/11

April 25, 2011

The team started the first race strong with Kenny and Gary pushing the pace on the first few laps.  Gary attacked and Dave countered with another rider and the break was on.  The team shut down the chase with Kenny, Gary, Steve G., Jay, Ira, and Steve M. working the front.  Dave stays away  for the remainder of the race and out-sprints his breakaway partner for the win!  Kenny and Gary set up the sprint, letting Jay power in for 3rd, and Steve G. gets 4th.  Great team work guys.

The 45+ race has the same team members set up the same attack for Dave and he goes clear again, but this time with a 5 man break.  The team shuts the door on the chase.  Jay, Steve G., Gary, Steve M. and Kenny get on every move.  Dave jumps on the final lap and get 3rd overall, in his second 30+ minute break of the day.  The team did a great job shutting everything down today.  Fantastic teamwork!

More excitement to come……

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