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Team Radsport Update: First race for 2011

January 24, 2011

The first race of the season saw a full field of competitors, 100 racers.  The pace was controlled by Pinnaclife Racing from the gun with Wayne (Dog) whipping the pace up to 30+ mph.  The team sent several attacks up the road. with Gary going first.  He gets a big gap and another rider joins him.  They are brought back and Gary goes again, but is brought back again.  Dave attacks but the field is close behind.  Steve jumps out and gets clear with another rider.  They stay away for a lap and are brought back, sending Jay out on an attack.  Jay’s gets a small group that looks promising.  They are reeled in and Dave goes with two other riders.  They make it stick, and the team shuts down the field lead by Gary, Bruce, Mark, Jay, Steve G., Steve M., Kenny, Dave H., Ira and Paul.  The break builds to 4 riders and the final sprint Dave gets 2nd overall.  Bruce sets up the field sprint with Gary taking second pull, then Jay take the monster pull to set up Steve G.  Steve takes second in the field sprint for 6th overall.  Great results for the first race!  Nice job guys.

The Masters 55+ sees Wayne (Dog) get 9th place in a very fast race.  Dog comes through again with a top ten, just like last season!

The Masters 40+ race was another full race with some very fast laps.  Clem, Jay, Tony, Gary, Steve G. and Steve M. were taking turns covering attacks.  A big crash happens on the last lap, but the team stays clear and takes Steve in for the field sprint.  Steve gets 7th overall in this very fast finish.  Great work Steve.

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