The NEW V2r racing tandem. Raising the bar for tandem racers everywhere.

November 16, 2010

Paketa has done it again. The new V2r is the most innovative and fully engineered racing tandem on the market. The design is patent pending. We have spent years developing our tandems into the lightest, fastest, and best riding bikes in the world.

paketa V2r racing tandem

Traditionally, tandem transfer drives are mounted to the left side of the frame in order to make room for triple chainrings. The left side transfer drive, or crossover drive, has some inherent issues:

  • Tandem-specific cranks are required with a spider or other mount for the transfer sprockets
  • Three spider-mount crank arms are required, which adds to the weight of the system
  • The rear bottom bracket experiences high loading due to the force of three riders’ legs (both of the captain’s plus the left stoker’s leg) being
    transmitted through the rear crank axle.

  • Both torque and bending forces are significantly higher—as much as three times as high—as on a comparable single bike, resulting in either reduced component lifetime or higher weight, or both.
  • Modern belt transfer drives on a tandem’s left side, place much higher loads on the bearings due to the higher tension required compared to a traditional transfer chain.

The Paketa V2r tandem (patent pending) eliminates all of these problems in one elegant, integrated, and game-changing design. By mounting the transfer drive sprocket on the same crank spider, behind the main drive sprockets in the rear, all of the disadvantages of the conventional left-side-drive design are eliminated. Conventional single-bike cranks can be used for both the captain’s and stoker’s cranks, for starters. This allows the use of almost any crank, including state-of-the-art light weight carbon cranks, of any crank length to suit either rider. Because the bearing and axle bending loads are no higher than on a single bike, there’s no stiffness or durability penalty for using the very lightest single-bike cranks available—note the Zipp™ carbon cranks on the V2r in the photos. The transfer drive (Gates Carbon Drive™ belt system shown) is mounted far inboard on the right side, which also reduces frame bending in the boom tube under hard pedaling. Even all-out sprints by the strongest riders won’t cause frame “whip” and the unpredictable handling that results.

V2r_belt from right
Click here to read more about the V2r racing tandem.

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