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Cherry Creek Time Trial Update

May 20, 2010

OK, here it is, the last report for the CCTT.

Boy, I thought that we might get rained out, but the clouds parted, the gods
smiled and we were of to the races!  It was a near perfect night, or as
perfect as it gets in Colorado in the Spring in stark contrast to the prior
week’s experience.  Got a fair warm up and a good start, feeling the
strength of the magnesium on the first hill.  As we rounded the first corner
an started down the hill a group of cyclists came out in front of us from a
bike path that crosses the road.  I had to yell at them to get them to stop.

So following that we got our steam on and rolled up to just under 30 MPH on
flats into a slight cross wind.  The bike was incredible and smooth on the
flats.  About halfway through the flats we started to gain on a compact SUV
traveling the same direction that we were.  The speed limit in the park is
25 MPH and we were closing on the car fast.  The SUV slowed behind a slower
rider and oncoming traffic and we got pinched behind all of that and had to
scrub a bunch of speed and time.  I saw a gap to the right of the SUV and
took it.  We slid in and passed the car and rider.  Following that, the SUV
got past the slower rider and also past us.  The SUV slowed again and came
to a stop at the first turn around, forcing us to slow again.

We got through the turn around without further incident and got back into
our rhythm.  We were really flying, especially on the flats.  Had some
teammates out on the course yelling encouragement and obscenities all at the
same time!?!?!  It is good to be loved!  We worked our way over the big hill
as we dropped through almost all of our gear.  Had one of the boys at the
top really screaming at us, which gave us that extra kick to pop it over the
top.  False flat into the downhill.  We rolled up to over 40 MPH on the
downhill.   The tandem was very stable even elbow steering at speed.

We had a large white full-size truck ahead of us that was turning left into
a parking lot off of the course.  The truck stopped dead due to riders
coming in from the other direction after the second turnaround.  The trouble
is the truck stopped far to the right with little room to get by, especially
carrying a full head of steam as we were.  We ended up having to slow to a
near stop on the section of the course with the most momentum.

Got past the truck and back up to speed.  Shaken a bit, got a bit loose in
the second turn around, but got through it and into the final stretch.  Laid
into the final hill and onto the stretch to finish strong.

Some of the events were a bit disappointing, but we were able to secure
another win, button down the series and turn our best time to date.  We
ended up turning 21:28.  Without some of the traffic issues, I am sure that
we would have had a time under 21.

Thanks again for your support and a great bike!

John Shearer

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